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5 Things I’ve (Re)learned During the Pandemic

Demonstrating safety for Covid-19

1. The human spirit is alive and well.  From balcony jamming in Italy to Bin Isolation Outing, we may be separated physically but people will always find a way to connect.

2. Hugs are really, really good.  When things calm down and we say good riddance to Covid-19, everyone I know will be getting a whole lot of overzealous bear hugs.

3. I don’t love Zoom meetings but at least I can wear pyjama pants and Ugg boots.

4. We are so very lucky to live in Australia.  Whether you like ScoMo or not, our leaders are doing a pretty awesome job at keeping the curve down.

5. Humans are really adaptable.  I’m finding myself constantly in awe of the innovative & creative ways small business owners are changing the way they operate to keep themselves afloat.

As an event photographer, my busy start to the year came to a grinding halt over two days in March.  I love events and can’t wait to immerse myself in them again, but this down time has allowed me to discover a new love – stock photography.  This shoot was safety awareness inspired and has been my most popular so far.  Silver linings…?

My stock photography portfolio can be viewed here

Respiratory mask and protective gloves