Brisbane Event Photography

On stage at Regional Flavours

As the Covid-19 restrictions slowly ease, I’m super excited to get back to doing what I love – photographing Brisbane events!

I’ve been productive behind the scenes over the past few months spending time creating a stock photography library and having this brand spanking new website built (how good does it look!).   I have also added a bunch of new gear to my mobile studio equipment which I can’t wait to get out and about and show off with.

While this down time has allowed me to do a lot of the things that can be difficult to find time for when you’re busy, I’m itching to get back out there and immerse myself in the event world again.

I love everything about photographing events.  I love the knowledge that I’ve just taken a killer image that encapsulates an entire evening, I love the frenetic energy of having to be in a million places at once and I get a thrill out of predicting a magical moment before it happens.

Here is a little selection of images captured at the fabulous Regional Flavours at Southbank.  Get in touch with me here if you’d like to work together on your next special event.



Presenter at Regional Flavours

Products at Regional Flavours

Regional Flavours Guide

Cooking demonstration at Regional Flavours

Pulled pork burger Regional Flavours

Toby Puttock on stage at Regional Flavours