Choosing Your Event Photographer

Performers at an event

I am one of quite a few event photographers in Brisbane.  I believe there is room for us all in this growing city, and overall, the quality of work in my home town is pretty great.

When I was selecting images recently for the new website, I got to thinking about what makes a really great event snapper.  Over the years, I have photographed pretty much every type of event there is.  If I haven’t photographed it, chances are it hasn’t happened yet.

Considering this, I’ve put together a list of things that you might find helpful when selecting a photographer for your next awards evening, gala, expo or other special event.

1. How experienced are they?  A quick look at a photographer’s website will give you an indication of what they are capable of, and the types of jobs they have covered. More often than not, I find myself shooting in dark event spaces with very little available light. This is one area where things can fall apart if your photographer hasn’t photographed a lot of events. An experienced professional will know how far they can push their camera equipment to capture sharp low-light photos while still achieving great image quality.

2. Personality Events are all about people and your event photographer needs to be confident and comfortable working with them.  Clients, event managers, executives, performers, tv personalities, politicians, keynote speakers and guests are just a few of the people I find myself working with on a weekly basis.  Having the right balance of confidence to give direction when necessary, as well as ninja-like unobtrusive skills to stay out of the way is an equation that has always worked well for me.  That as well as a friendly, adaptable, no-ego manner.

3. Insurance  Public and products liability insurance is an absolute must for any photographer.  Vigilance is essential when it comes to safety onsite, but (heaven forbid) accidents can still happen.  A reputable photographer will happily provide you with a copy of their certificate of currency and increase their level of cover if required.

4. Equipment Do they have the right gear for the job? A basic kit for event photography will include at least two professional level camera bodies, a telephoto lens, a wide to medium lens, tripod, two flash guns, a mountain of spare batteries and a laptop. My kit has this plus a whole lot more, and is constantly being updated. Don’t be afraid to ask potential photographers what gear they use – most of us are tech nerds who love talking about that stuff.

5. Reputation It’s pretty easy these days to find out if a photographer is respected within the industry.  A quick Google review check and a chat with someone who has worked with them will give you the info you need.

Basically, everything really comes back to point number one ‘How experienced are they?’.  If you’re looking for an event photographer with a wealth of experience, maximum insurance, up to date professional equipment, a ready smile and a 5-star rating, drop me a line here.  I’d love to hear from you.